Beyond Curricula Insights

Who We Are

We are a product of 10 years of combined experience in Strategy Consulting, Entrepreneurship Development, Civil Society & Nonprofit Sector, Personal Leadership, and Public Speaking with an application of Design and Systems Thinking approach to problem-solving.

We are a management consulting firm that reconciles the concepts of Design Thinking, Competitive Strategy and Business Model Innovation with Economic Theories to help Businesses gain Competitive Advantage in ever changing Market Environments.

Challenges We Solve

  • Planning for the future
  • Restructuring and Reshaping Organizations
  • Navigating Disruption & Change
  • Building Engaged Teams

Our Solutions

Strategy Facilitation

In these volatile times and ever-changing market environments, strategic vision and clear game plan is more important than ever. We work with business leaders and key stakeholders to facilitate and map out a forward-looking strategic plan that will enable them to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

The most powerful strategies arise from game-changing insights – of customers, markets, competitors, regulators, and industries. It creates advantages by anticipating the actions and reactions of others, by exploiting the leverage inherent in concentrating effort on a pivotal or decisive aspect of the situation, and by creating policies and actions that are coherent, each building on the other rather than cancelling one another out.

Strategic planning is intended to set an organization on a path toward a certain and quantifiable financial results. Traditional Financial Planning often focuses on the numbers as the Plan rather than the numbers being  an expression of the plan. Our strategic planning approach focuses on how the organization is going to make those results happen.

We are results focused. Financial and non-financial results.

Many organizations find our targeted strategic planning designed to focus on a specific area (e.g. branding, sales, marketing, CSI, competition, new markets etc.)  of opportunity invaluable. Targeted strategic planning helps develop consensus, commitment, and strategy to  pursue that opportunity.

Examples include: “Should we branch or close branch?” “should we launch a new product line or not?” “How do we adapt to a Covid19 Market Environment?”

The strategies we develop for our clients are all about how to move them forward.

Areas we deliver strategy in [For businesses]

Areas we deliver strategy in [For Social Enterprises/NPOs]

Corporate Training

Leadership is a mindset established through focused and supported development.

Leadership is more than just an appointed position. It must be a complete way of doing business and communicating with others. It needs to become who you are.

Our Corporate Training Solutions aimed at enhancing leadership impact are offered through:

  • Training & Workshops – BCI offers hands-on training experiences for executives, managers, and the entire organization to develop leaders and high performing teams. Our engaging customizable training programs and workshops are designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and overall profitability and returns for companies and institutions in any industry and sector.  And help teams work better together to solve problems and execute strategies.
  • CoachingBCI works side by side with leaders from all industries and sectors helping them strengthen the skills needed to be more effective.
  • KeynotesNeed an impactful keynote speech delivered at your organization, year-end or commencement function, Team Building, Quarterly Performance sessions, or conference? BCI’s founder and CEO Kgadi Mmanakana is a dynamic BCI® Business Speaker that reconciles the concepts of Design Thinking, Competitive Strategy and Business Model Innovation with Economic Theories to help Businesses gain Competitive Advantage in ever changing Market Environments. Audience enjoys Kgadi’s natural delivery, engaging style and her range of knowledge honed and acquired as a Managing Director, Business Development Strategist, Strategy Advisor, Personal Development practitioner, Scholar, and Consultant. You’ll hear intriguing yet easily applied principles and results-driven techniques that will take your business performance to the next level. She offers engaging and insightful keynote speeches tailored specifically for your organization. She will work with you to identify your keynote needs so she can deliver a meaningful message to your team. Her core areas: Disruption & Competition, Leadership & Transformation, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Performance & Self-Mastery.

Keynote Speeches

Our keynotes are designed to help your organization (1) Navigate Disruption & Change, (2) Restructure to Adapt, (3) Plan for the Future, and (4) Build Engaged Teams

Disruption & Competition

  • Adapt or Get thrown out of business by Covid-19.
  • Decoding “Adapt or Die” (Case in point: The 4th Industrial Revolution)

Leadership & Transformation

  • How to leverage on Diversity & Inclusion to gain Competitive Advantage
  • How to develop executive presence
  • Leadership in uncertain times: How does a business leader of uncertain times lead?

 Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Genesis of Innovation : Business Model
  • Genesis of Business Growth: Value Chain
  • What is your entrepreneurial game plan?

 Performance & Self-Mastery.

  • Emotional Intelligence: How to improve self – awareness and relationship to improve your interpersonal skills
  • Thank God Its Friday! : How to stay inspired at work and find fulfillment