Business Transformation

Changes to how organisations run their operations intensify as the marketplace changes and become increasingly competitive. There are many common “events” that most often drive the need for developing, evaluating or modifying the operating model of the organisation, these include:

  • Customer needs;
  • Industry competition
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Politics, Economic, Legislation and regulations;
  • Changes in who buys the services & products and how they use it;
  • Emerging buyer preference for a differentiated instead of commodity-based product/ service;
  • Quarantine Economy
Andy Grove Quote: “There are two options: adapt or die.” (12 wallpapers) -  Quotefancy

So, if you’re concerned about the economic outlook, and if you get challenging questions from your board about the resilience of your organization’s performance, how do you best respond? It turns out that in times of crisis and in times of economic slowdown, not everybody fares the same. Those organizations that turn to Transformation as a way to unlock value or adapt to disruption and make the shifts to an operating model which combines operations capabilities that can create value, lower costs, and improve customer experience, giving organizations an edge in a highly competitive landscape, are the ones that do well.

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Grappling with an increasingly complex, uncertain, and fast changing market environment?

We enable our clients to adapt and thrive amidst disruption. Our method is geared toward helping businesses navigate a range of scenarios including:

  • Strategic Crisis
    • Growing or stable sales while profitability declines
    • Declining market share
  • Profitability Crisis
    • Stagnant or declining sales and a declining operating profit
    • Burning cash
  • Turnaround and Recovery
    • To regain market leadership in the face of crisis or material breaches of trust
  • Business Repositioning
    • Seizing new opportunities or combating disruption through proactive shifts in business models

We help our clients achieve their increasingly complex business goals and create new opportunities to provide value and measurable impact through our Transformation approach:

  • Define & Analysis
    • Definition of performance problems within the business.
  • Scope & Strategy
    • Business Model Audit & Re-engineering
    • Financial Analysis
    • Value Map Analysis
    • Product Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Competitive Strategy
  • Link & Action
    • Organizational Design
    • Action Plan
  • Implementation
    • Performance Management and Coaching
  • Review
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