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What are your plans to increase your social impact?

Nonprofit and NGO leaders share a passion for social change and a dedication to their organizations. Driven by a desire to do more and create a more just and equitable society, you may question whether your organization is on the right strategic path and needs help with planning for the future.

Our non-profit and NGO consulting services help you achieve greater and more equitable impact by addressing important questions. We tailor our consulting services to meet your needs, ranging from the support of a consulting team to explore your strategic questions; to helping non-profit executive teams work together to develop their strategies and improve their effectiveness.

Theory of Change (Organizational Strategy)

Strategic planning is one of the most important things you do. It challenges you to grapple with several interdependent questions: Are you clear about the impact you seek to achieve? Which results will you hold your organization accountable for? How do you marshal the talent and resources needed to deliver those results?

We help you clarify your thinking to articulate your organization’s intended impact and Theory of Change–a description of how you plan to bring about the results you seek. We do this using our Theory of Change Model depicted below.

Theory of Change is a comprehensive description and illustration of how a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context. It is about filling the ‘missing middle’ between what a program  does (its interventions) and how these lead to desired goals being achieved. It links What you do, Who you are targeting for results, Why and How you do it, and What you expect to achieve. It does this by first identifying the desired long-term goals and then works back from these goals to identify all the conditions that must be in place for the goals to occur.

In the social entrepreneurship context, when asked; What is your Theory of Change? they want to know what change you are intending to effect and how are you going to achieve it.

The outcome of our Theory of Change facilitation which encompasses everything from analysis, building your story and vision, charting how you value will eb created for your beneficiaries,  performance targets, implementation, to monitoring, is a strategic plan that is developed from the model above guided by these questions:

  • What is our story?
  • What is our vision?
  • What outcomes are we aiming to achieve?
  • What are the conditions that need to be in place for these outcomes to be achieved ?
  • How will we measure the outcomes?

Theory of Change clarifies how change happens, what progress and success look like, and what it takes to get there.

Growth & Scaling

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Demand for services – whether caused by new needs or longstanding structural inequities – often exceeds a non-profit’s ability to keep up. Closing the gap puts pressure on nonprofits to grow.

How We Help You Grow and Scale Your Impact

We help you navigate the complex decisions that accompany planning for growth. Our collaborative process identifies ambitious yet practical solutions for expanding your organization and scaling your impact. We help you:

  • Test Your Readiness to Grow: By assessing unmet needs, your program model, and organizational capabilities.
  • Establish a Roadmap for Growth: Including growth targets and priorities, opportunities for innovation and piloting, staff needs, and funding goals.
  • Develop a Model for Transformative Scale: Including new approaches to achieve the impact you seek, targets for increased reach and impact, and plans for sustainable funding.

Develop a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan: To ensure continuous quality improvement

Funding Strategy

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Do you have a funding approach for sustainable growth?

Developing and implementing a sustainable funding model tops the worry chart for most non-profit and NGO leaders. We help you evaluate your current funding model and reshape it to keep pace with your impact and scaling ambitions. 

How We Help You with Your Funding Strategy

We collaborate with your executive and development teams to learn what has worked and what has not, on quest to build consensus around your goals and funding strategy. We also look at similar organizations to learn from their experiences. Building on that knowledge, we work with you to identify funding approaches that are a good fit for your organization. We help you:

  • Determine Funding Options: We review and advise you on the range of funding models that can put your organization in the best position to achieve its goals.
  • Chart an Implementation Plan: We work with your team to develop a plan to put your new approaches to funding into practice.
  • Become “Big Bettable”: If your organization aspires to attract major funds (big bets), we help you become “big bettable” by articulating your goals and describing how you would absorb and manage a major infusion of funds.

Services Portfolio Assessment

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Meeting growing needs among your clients (beneficiaries) while never having enough money to fulfil your mission can be a frustrating experience. Against this backdrop of constrained resources, it’s critical to identify and prioritize the most mission critical programs and services. We help you structure an assessment process to determine where to concentrate your efforts.

How We Help You Assess and Align Your Services Portfolio

We help you assemble, analyse, and interpret data to assist your leadership team in making difficult decisions about program priorities. This includes working with your program and finance teams to analyse and understand the actual costs of delivering your programs and services, as well as the impact achieved.

  • Assess Programs and Services: We rigorously analyse and disaggregate your data and costs to help ensure equitable outcomes and so you understand which programs and services have the greatest impact and which ones are most financially sustainable.
  • Develop Portfolio Priorities and Action Plans: We help you make data-driven and equitable decisions about your programs–whether to improve, grow, or wind them down. We also analyse the resources—financial, human, and organizational—needed to pursue your priorities and map out a plan to secure them.
  • Performance Measures: We help you identify the most important quantitative and qualitative milestones that make it possible to measure progress toward intended impact and learn as you go.