Strategy Facilitation

In these volatile times and ever-changing market environments, strategic vision and clear game plan is more important than ever. We work with business leaders and key stakeholders to facilitate and map out a forward-looking strategic plan that will enable them to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

The most powerful strategies arise from game-changing insights – of customers, markets, competitors, regulators, and industries. It creates advantages by anticipating the actions and reactions of others, by exploiting the leverage inherent in concentrating effort on a pivotal or decisive aspect of the situation, and by creating policies and actions that are coherent, each building on the other rather than cancelling one another out.

Strategic planning is intended to set an organization on a path toward a certain and quantifiable financial results. Traditional Financial Planning often focuses on the numbers as the Plan rather than the numbers being  an expression of the plan. Our strategic planning approach focuses on how the organization is going to make those results happen.

We are results focused. Financial and non-financial results.

Many organizations find our targeted strategic planning designed to focus on a specific area (e.g. branding, sales, marketing, CSI, competition, new markets etc.)  of opportunity invaluable. Targeted strategic planning helps develop consensus, commitment, and strategy to  pursue that opportunity. Examples include: “Should we branch or close branch?” “should we launch a new product line or not?” “How do we adapt to a Covid19 Market Environment?”

The strategies we develop for our clients are all about how to move them forward.

Areas we deliver strategy in [For businesses]

Areas we deliver strategy in [For Social Enterprises/NPOs]

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This is what you will gain from our strategic planning facilitation support:

  • Greater alignment and deeper understanding of common priorities.
  • Summary of the status quo: your performance against your market and competitive set, and the status of the key drivers of today’s business model.
  • Summary of the beliefs about the future and the key strategic issues/questions to be addressed for future success.
  • A clear vision of the future success inclusive of your desired impact.
  • The core strategies that you will use to achieve your vision.
  • Your strategic direction (path defined by milestones) you will execute to progress from today to the vision.
  • Clear near-term next steps to begin implementation and to provide the ability to track the progress in the new direction.

Our Standard Strategic Planning Framework


What are the Goals
Where to Play & What to Trade OffHow To WinHow to ConfigureHow To Get It Done
Common groundBusiness & Market AnalysisMission & VisionFinancial and Non-Financial GoalsBalanced ScorecardResources and Other ConstraintsRisk Appetite and Degree of threatsProduct & Service PortfolioCustomer segmentationValue ChainBrand & Value PropositionInnovationPricing StrategyGo-to-Market ModelSales StrategyCapabilities RequiredOperating ModelOrganizational DesignTalent ManagementResource RequirementsDelivery AccountabilityPriority InitiativesClear TargetsBudgets/InvestmentsChange Management Process

Judging what strategy to pursue for your organisation will be grounded in a probing assessment of your organisation’s external and internal situation. Based on this probing assessment we’ll develop a competitive strategy for your organisation which will result in you being different – it means we’ll deliberately choose a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value to your clients.

Once the competitive strategy has been developed, we’ll ensure that your strategy can be implemented by defining the desired objectives and measures that will drive the required behaviours. We’ll therefore ensure that the developed strategy will create a line of sight between the organisational strategy and the individual performance measures

Stop trying to facilitate the thinking and participate in the discussion. Bring in our expertise in facilitating complex strategy discussion to quickly give your planning a lift.

With guidance and expert facilitation, organizations can achieve continued growth by aligning priorities and planning for future obstacles. We will design and facilitate your strategic planning session and deliver an agreed upon strategic plan by collaborating with key leaders in your organization.

Contact us the provider of Beyond Curricula Insights to facilitate a strategic planning session for your organization. Let’s identify key areas with growth potential and help you gain a competitive advantage by developing strategic plans to overcome future roadblocks and inevitable market shifts.